Father of Kid Killed at Sandy Hook Suggests FAU and Boca Police Overlooked James Tracy's Harassment

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Lenny Pozner is the father of a 6-year-previous boy who was killed in the course of the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary University in Newtown, Connecticut. He says he has been harassed continuously because previous Florida Atlantic University James Tracy and other conspiracy theorists commenced popularizing the concept that the taking pictures was a hoax. Usually, harassment arrives in the sort of "obnoxious" Fb messages, Pozner states. "Responses like 'How a lot funds did you make faking all of this?” or 'Prove your son died by digging up his grave'” — that variety of rhetoric." Even initial responders in Newtown get harassed and accused of lying. Little kids who appear like the kinds who died are accused of being the same young children, their existence touted as "proof" of a authorities conspiracy. Final week, Pozner received death threats, recorded on his voicemail.

"It all comes from this group’s main agitators," Pozner claims through cellphone, which means Tracy (who gets taken critically since he "has 'PhD' soon after his name) as properly as his like-minded conspiracy theorists Wolfgang Halbig and Holocaust denier Jim Fetzer (a retired professor).

Although Tracy has been fired, Pozner can't believe that Florida Atlantic University directors allow him proceed to educate for so lengthy. "I’m relieved that they finally took motion, but it’s lengthy overdue," Pozner says. "Turning a blind eye to Tracy’s indiscretions for so prolonged is unconscionable. They've been stepping above lifeless bodies for a few many years. I’m disgusted." He was dismayed that the Schmidt Family Basis gave the university a $16 million present in 2014 with Tracy even now on personnel.

Pozner states that he has reported incidents of harassment to nearby authorities but that none has been solved. As a consequence, he has been pressured to move his household many occasions to maintain a single stage forward of predators. “Meanwhile, Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig has tried to have me arrested,” suggests Pozner. “He filed a false law enforcement report accusing me of harassment and striving to get into his home in Sorrento, Florida. None of that is true. I’ve by no means spoken to the gentleman nor been anyplace around his home. Halbig is a extremely irreputable opportunist who has elevated practically $one hundred,000 exploiting the Sandy Hook tragedy. He’s been described to several point out and federal agencies, which includes the FBI. In simple fact, he’s experienced a number of online donation accounts shut down for violating conditions of services.”

Law enforcement reports show that Pozner complained to Boca law enforcement at least a few instances very last 12 months. There is no indication that any action was taken.

Boca Raton group services officer Joseph Cortez took all a few of Pozner's noted calls. On March eleven, 2015, the officer wrote in a report that "some unidentified particular person has been submitting pictures and using derogatory language on youtube, directed at him, triggering psychological distress." The police report notes that Pozner named a Missouri resident as a harasser. It states that Pozner tried out making contact with YouTube and was submitting a report "for documentation for what he feels is net harassment."

The report also shows that Officer Cortez spoke to Pozner once more on April two, 2015. Pozner complained that "some unidentified person has been posting photographs and making use of derogatory language directed at him, triggering psychological distress. Complainant mentioned that Wolfgang Halbig's site is putting up his personalized data on the website without his authorization, and wanted to document the incident."

Then on May 4, 2015, Pozner named and "needed to contain the deal with and names of the subjects who have been posting his private handle, pictures and utilizing derogatory language on youtube and facebook, directed at him, triggering emotional distress." He gave James Tracy's Boca tackle and Halbig's deal with in Sorrento, Florida.

None of the reports explain the material of the harassment, nor do they make any mention of Pozner's relationship to Sandy Hook.

A Boca law enforcement spokesperson, Mark Economou, says that it really is common to only take a report due to the fact "nothing at all in the complaint referenced a criminal offense." It is normal not to just take even more action unless of course its a character of, 'I'm likely to destroy you, or violent threatening — but if it truly is just a report of harassment, a report is taken to notate it."

Pozner thinks that harassers remain enthusiastic by a concern that all large profile shootings will lead to nationwide gun confiscation. "They are delusional." Pozner suggests. The conspiracy theorists also issue events like the Boston bombings or Paris attacks — "each new mass murder is now considered a staged celebration . They call these issues ‘false-flags’ prior to the police even have a opportunity to gather the proof — just overall nonsense. They occur up with insane theories are pure fiction, like I was by no means at Noah's funeral or that I forged his loss of life certification. All of these promises have been debunked and far more people are noticing just how nuts this conspiracy crowd has become." He details out that even Keith Johnson — when a author for Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones— has appear to his senses and turned into a debunker of conspiracy theories relating to the tragedy.

Curiously, Pozner is licensed to have a concealed firearm and claims that he once entertained conspiracy-theories himself. "I recognize the mindset," he suggests. "They have a confirmation bias. They think and will forever distort whatsoever arrives at them. I launched Noah's death certification and health-related examiner's report. They declare that is also a faked." These are the exact same people who insisted that President Obama's birth certification is fake. "That was their massive factor, and then Sandy Hook gave them the task of a life time."

Only when Pozner wrote a letter to the editor that was revealed in the Solar Sentinel in December did the college transfer to hearth Tracy (though the college claimed that failure to fill out a form was the reason for his firing).

“Losing a son and the undesired interest I have acquired has forced me to relocate my family," suggests Pozner, who has two young children. "This has experienced a devastating influence on my skilled lifestyle as effectively. In other phrases, my lifestyle has been turned upside down and obtaining to deal with predators and con men has deprived me of residing a normal daily life.” There was also drama with his brother-in-law interfering in the wake of the disaster. And then, the hoaxers. Pozner commenced an firm, the HONR Network, to battle back.

If any justice is coming, it truly is transferring little by little. Tracy has advised he will sue FAU, so his case will probably drag out. ("Even serial killer’s get their day in courtroom," Pozner concedes.) Pozner has filed a civil go well with against Wolfgang Halbig that "it is costing me a preposterous quantity of money." Pozner, on behalf of his son's estate, is also suing the Town of Newtown, and Noah's university and college board in Newtown. he is also suing the producer of the guns in the Sandy Hook killing.

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